John Yeager, CPA

Managing Partner

John Yeager is the Managing Partner of Yeager Sherburne CPA and specializes in management consulting and Wealth creation strategies to enable the firm’s clients to grow smartly and help make their businesses work for them, as opposed to them working for their businesses. And THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. He graduated from Spring Hill College in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and has worked in the accounting, tax and consulting fields for 30+ years.

John was born & raised in Miami Florida, a Christopher Columbus Graduate, and has a vast network of business and personal relationships throughout Florida, brokers, lawyers, branding experts, web designers and other quality professionals who assist him in coaching the firm’s clients in how successfully grow their businesses.

John has worked with many companies in South Florida and is currently providing business consulting services to clients such as: Commercial Roofing Contractor, Mold & fire Remediation Firm, Architectural Sign Company, Commercial Electrical Contractor, Law Firms, and others. His focus is to create wealth from client businesses thru reducing unneeded expenses, analyzing revenues to find that core business, and reviewing company processes to increase efficiency. By finding excess profits from these, he then assists in guiding client thru the investment process.