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Monthly Financial Reports For Business Owners

5 Most Important Financial Reports Every Business Owner Should Review Monthly The more you know about your company’s finances, the better you can optimize your budgets and see profitable areas of your business. Financial reports can help you lean into profitable...

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The Secret to Wealth Creation for Small Businesses

Many businesses were on a great trajectory leading into 2020. But then the pandemic hit and brought economic woes and operational challenges. Now it’s 2021 and many businesses are looking to overcome the challenges they faced last year. The best way to start 2021 on...

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End of financial year checklist for small business

The end of the fiscal year means it’s time to wrap up your small business finances. This time of year is generally a bit slower for businesses and the perfect time to complete an end of financial year checklist for small business.  We’ll explain the important...

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PPP Loan Forgiveness and how you can use the funds

All over the country, our clients have been receiving (or will soon receive) funds from the PPP loan. However, receiving the funds is only half the battle, next comes the most important aspect of the process: what to do with the funds. Presently, the SBA has not given...

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EIDL program benefits & fund allocation strategies

Background on EIDL Program Funds Known as the Economic Injury Disaster Loan, this program has been utilized heavily in the past as a way for small business owners to support themselves after they have been impacted by natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes,...

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Is crowdfunding taxable income?

Questions regarding various tax regulations are always tricky. Rules that seem so iron-clad in theory are rarely ever in practice and it can result in various instances where the outcome of a monetary move has very different consequences from the original intention. I...

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